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Why softening isn't enough

Millions of Americans are choosing to take control of improving their home water quality. Basic water softening is a great first step in helping with water “hardness.” But chemicals like chlorine can still wreak havoc — giving your drinking water an unpleasant smell and taste, and even damaging or accelerating wear on appliances around your home.

Fortunately, the North Star’s new whole-home system combines advanced water softening and water filtration into a single, simple and practical system — bringing fresh, high-quality, great-tasting water to every faucet in your home.

Softens & Filters Your Water

No need to manage multiple products, the 2-in-1 solution softens and filters the water throughout your home.

Better Tasting Water

Say goodbye to that awful chlorine taste and smell. The 2-in-1 system uses an activated carbon to filter your water, allowing you to enjoy filtered water from every faucet.

No Filters To Replace

Save time and money, the self-cleaning design eliminates the need for constant filter changes.

Autosense™ Technology

The smart system uses patented AutoSense™ technology to provide significant salt & water savings.

Ultra High-Flow Valve

Allows you to experience optimal water pressure through your home.

Wifi Enabled

The smart softener uses WiFi Technology & the iQua™ Water Management so you can manage your water from anywhere at any time!

Additional Benefits

  • Ideal for any sized household
  • Can be used with city or well water

Your Water Connected

The smart softener uses WiFi Technology & the iQua™ Water Management App to provide you complete visibility and control over your household water.

With iQua™ you can...

  • Daily Average Usage
  • Monthly Average Usage
  • Yearly Average Usage
  • Continuous Water Flow
  • Low Salt Reminder
  • System Regeneration

Safeguard your home with the motorized water shut-off valve

If the softener detects a leak, iQua™ will notify your phone and let you turn off your water to prevent additional damage.

Water Control

Motorized Water Shut-Off Valve

Enjoy additional protection and peace of mind.

*Shut-Off Valve Sold Separately

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